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High H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Compressor


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 In China,our company is a leader in the capture&recovers of offshore vent gas. In these applications, space and weight are critical - and our unique designs and innovative approach allow our customers to successfully and economically capture this vent gas.

Technical Specifications

 Compressor Code D-19.77/0.9-8 Low Pressure Fuel Gas Compressor
 Compressor Type D Type Horizontal Symmetric Balanced Structure
 Rotation 988rpm
 Compressor Stage 2
Medium Natural Gas
 Inlet Pressure (Gage) Design Point 0.09MPa
Final Discharge Pressure(Gage) 0.8MPa
 Inlet Temperature ≤20℃
 Diacharge Temperature(Behind Air Cooler) Not Exceeding 15℃ of the Ambient Temperature
 Discharge Capacity Design Point 1500Nm3/h
 Shaft PowerDesign Point 107KW
 Main Motor Power 132KW,Electric Proof: Exd II BT4
 Cooling MethodGas: Air Cooling; Cylinder: Natural Cooling
 Drive Mode Direct By Shaft Coupling
 Lubrication Cylinder, Packings: Less Oil Lubricated
 Lubricated Oil Consumption 150mm/hour
 Installation ModeCabinet/Skid, with Sound&Rain&Snow Proof Shell
 Noise ≤85dB(A) (1 meter from the shell)
 Voltage 380V
 Control Mode PLC + Touch Screen + Frequency Converter
 Size 7.0m X 2.8m X 2.7m
 Weight 12000kg
 Minimum Life Time 25 years
 Big Repair Period >30000 hours
 Continuous Running Time per Year >8000 hours